Titan Capital Management

A smarter approach to property management

No two pieces of real estate are the same; therefore, there is no such thing as a successful boiler plate management strategy. Our wide range of expertise allows for creative solutions that maximize the value of our clients’ investments. Whether a commercial property, residential property, or an Owner’s Association - Titan Capital Management consistently creates customized management strategies that identifies needs and ultimately adds value to your property.


I had been stuck behind an under preforming apartment complex for years. Being out of state, I was at the mercy of whatever property manager was soliciting my business. Things got so bad, that I fell behind on my mortgage payments and I was facing foreclosure. The guys at Titan were not only able to dramatically boost the performance of my apartment complex, but because of their experience and connections they were able to stop the foreclosure process and negotiate a loan modification with my lender. Without them, I would have lost all the equity in my property and ruined my credit.

– A very happy out of state landlord

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